Unlike other inflatable domes, which are built mainly for analog projectors, the Go-Dome™ is designed and developed to meet today’s digital technology. It’s durable, lightweight for easy transport, with fewer wrinkles for movie playback. The 5-second dome flip gives a fast emergency exit in case of power outages! Some are now trying to imitate our design, but ours was the first with the special airlock doorway feature.

Go-Domes™ are available standard weight (STD). All domes are available in either BLACK or BLUE exterior fabric (choose your color option on the Checkout page).

All domes, except the two packages, need inflation blowers. 

NOTE: All domes except 5m and 6m STD are special order and can take 30-60 days for fabrication.

DM: DD-1920N System

(1.44 MP actual projected pixels)

Turn-key full HD 1920x1080 system using the Avela Newtonian-2 mirror system, including projector, stand, high-end Windows or Mac laptop, MediaSHOW, Fishtank, Stellarium and all shows preloaded (package). Includes 5m Go-Dome, blower, ancillary equipment, four wheel dolly, sound system, two year warranty, on site installation and training* - everything you need to project fulldome HD! Includes EIGHT fulldome shows: your choice of one HMNS or Rice show (e.g. Impact Earth, Force 5 or Night of the Titanic), PLUS seven free shows: Two Small Pieces of Glass,Saturn the Ring World 2, Losing the Dark, New Horizons for a Little Planet, IBEX: Search for the Edge of the Solar System, From the Earth to the Universe, and (US only) Flight Adventures). Outside US, additional travel and shipping fees will apply.

DM: DD-1920F Omnifocus System

(1.13 MP projected pixels in fulldome mode)

Turn-key system including the Elumenati 30200 Fisheye Projector ZOOMS from (1920x1200) Truncated (180x112 degree dome coverage) (1.5 MP) to full coverage 1200x1200 circle (1.13 MP); 6000 lumens (brighter projectors available); 1 year warranty on projector and dome; 3 years on computer. Includes 5m Go-Dome and blower, Windows or Mac laptop with MediaSHOW and Stellarium software preloaded, sound system, stand, training and inhouse installation - everything you need for a full system. Fisheye content shows immediately with our fast and flexible MediaSHOW presentation software - rotate and zoom fisheye images on the fly, show any fisheye movie - no prewarping necessary! Includes one HMNS or Rice fulldome show plus seven free shows. Outside US: check for additional travel and shipping fees.

DM: Domes Go-Dome

Standard or Lightweight Go-Dome™

DM: Domes 2-Tube

Two-Tube Go-Dome™

DM: Domes 5-Tube

5-Tube Go-Dome™

DM: Domes Zodiac

Zodiac Planetarium Domes

DM: Domes Geo-Go-Dome


Dome only. Ocean freight shipping.

DM: Blowers

Blowers for dome inflation are available in 3/4 HP for standard domes and 1/2 HP for lightweight domes, in either 110V or 240V models.

(The 1/2 HP fan is smaller and lighter weight and for lightweight domes ONLY! Excellent for travel, but with less air flow. )

DM: Dome Covers

Go-Dome™ Dome Covers™

Dome Covers™ give your Go-Dome® personality, perhaps a space ship or an Earth, and at- tract attention. They provide a theme to match the experience inside the dome and encour- age visitors to come over and investigate. The Dome Cover™ comes to the bottom of the dome and around the entry airlock door.

Available artwork includes an Earth and a space ship, but other treatments, including other planets, can be created with the cost dependant on the complexity of the artwork.

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Note: Price assumes conversion from customer's custom design

DM: Fishbowl

Fishbowl personal dome.

Sorry this product is no longer available.

$9,995.00 Quantity:


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