Our planetarium equipment components and accessories are useful add-ons to your dome system.

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PE: Newtonian Mirror System

Part of the Discovery Dome planetarium system. Front-surface mirrors. Price includes storm case for shipping, but does not include projector. Shipping charge varies by state and country.

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$4,085.00 Quantity:
PE: Go-Vex™ Mirror

Go-Vex™ is a scratch resistant, dust-repelling primary convex mirror for the Newtonian™ projection system (and for other mirror projection systems). This convex mirror is a precision product with seven optical coatings for even coverage, transparency, protection against yellowing, scratch-protection, and dust repelling.

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$1,178.00 Quantity:
PE: LED/Laser Flashlight

Perfect flashlight for demonstrations - toggles between 8-LED flashlight, red laser, and off settings. Uses 3 AAA batteries (included). Pocket size - never be without it! Discovery Dome logo.

$14.95 Quantity:
PE: LED Rechargeable Work Light

LED bar light that can be used as a work light in a dome (or anywhere). A different switch setting makes it acts as a LED flashlight (shining from the end). Rechargeable by 110 - 240 A/C or by 12V auto chargers (provided). Discovery Dome logo.

$29.95 Quantity:
PE: Neoprene Laptop Case

Big enough for even a thick 17inch HD laptop! Hideaway handles; special dual-zippered front pouch for your charger and cables. Discovery Dome logo

$29.95 Quantity:
PE: LED headlamp

Special LED headlamps for use in domes, for astronomy, or for camping!

Three levels: 4 red led, 3 dim white, or 3 bright white. Hinged so that it can tip over to spotlight your work. Lightweight and compact.

Uses 3 AAA batteries (not included)

$12.95 Quantity:
PE: Stormcase for Newtonian

Stormcase w/ foam for shipping Newtonian system. Heavy-duty. Waterproof.

$325.00 Quantity:
PE: Special Order Items

Special services (translations, etc). Be sure to describe in the comments section, and mark price as agreed. Most products will be downloads. Use this to pay for invoices received (list invoice number).

Price: Be sure to specify the services needed. Be sure to contact your sales associate BEFORE placing order. Orders will be confirmed before credit card is charged.

PE: Neck Wallets

Neck Wallets

FREE box of 250.  Only $35 shipping and handling. Ground shipping only.

Contains logos for NSTA and Discovery Dome on front, and planetarium show "The Gravity Factor" (now called GREAT PLANET ADVENTURES) on back.

$0.00 Quantity:


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