Through our e-Planetarium website, we sell a variety of Go-Dome® portable planetarium domes. Unlike other inflatable domes, which are built mainly for analog projectors, the Go-Dome® is designed and developed to meet today's digital technology. It's durable, lightweight for easy transport, with fewer wrinkles for movie playback. And all dome models feature a unique full-size inflated "Airlock Door System" that keeps its shape as visitors enter and exit the dome. This means that light, late arrivals or those who must leave unexpectedly do not disturb a show in progress.

The "Standard Go-Dome" model comes in 4 to 9 meter sizes and is designed for classroom on "on the road" use. One unique aspect of the 4 and 5 Meter sizes is that they are light enough to be checked as luggage on standard flights in the US (lightweight 6m domes can also be checked). Larger domes are taller and are best used in gyms or cafeterias.

Our custom-made soft gray projection screen reduces cross-talk (internal reflections that cause dark areas to be illuminated by reflections from bright areas) for rich colors and pleasurable viewing. The optimized surface is shine-free which allows even the brightest digital dome shows to be viewed without glare. The special fabric also reduces sound reflections, making the experience the best it can be. The cloth used in each Go-Dome® product is custom made for our specific application. And as such, our cloth is designed with the highest standards possible for fire retardancy. Each batch of cloth manufactured for Go-Domes® has to pass stringent laboratory testing for fire retardancy before it is accepted for manufacturing of the dome. The doorway can be zippered shut for full-dome projection applications, but can be left open for easy access.

5 meter Go-Dome® fully inflated

Domes can be inflated and ready to use in just minutes. The dome features self-regulated outlet vents in the front, which open up for through-circulation with the dome is fully inflated, and automatically close if the dome loses air when a group exits. The air inlet from the fan is forked: part to inflate the doorway and part goes directly into the dome near the doorway to provide efficient air circulation inside the dome, keeping the projection system cool. The new vent system not only keeps air circulating inside the dome, but stops the characteristic "Bouncing" of typical closed system domes - if the dome overinflates, the vents open completely with a light baffle. No bouncing means no strobing light leaks to disturb the presentation inside!


Through e-Planetarium, we offer a variety of single-source digital dome projection systems from Elumenati® and Avela®, providing flexibility at reasonable prices. Our systems offer the highest resolution and the brightest projectors within the single-source class. Set-up is easy and quick for a single person, and the systems are even checkable on airlines! Other systems have a locked-in computer whereas ours uses a consumer laptop you can fully customize. Our basic systems are...

Model System Type Resolution Price
DD-1920N mirror DLP 1920x1080 Call for
latest pricing
DD-1400N mirror DLP 1400x1050
DD-1400F fisheye LCD 1400x1050
Turn-key prices for a 5m dome with everything included, including 5 fulldome shows, start at $29,495

To order or learn more about our portable planetarium domes, visit the e-Planetarium and Go-Domes™ websites.